How it works

We’ll work through your requirements with you, then we’ll tell you what infrastructure and service combinations we think you need and we’ll give you a full quote. No commitment, no charge.

All the components we use are free and open source. Our “raison d’etre” is to assemble those components into a toolchain that fits your organisation like a glove, then host them securely and cost-effectively. But the key point is you hold on to your data. By using our toolchain you gain total control over your information, where it is stored and how it is backed up.

Because of the nature of what we do, we can’t really describe to you how the system works - we haven’t built it for you yet! But we can tell you more about the components we use and how they combine together to make your life easier:


Dedicated, buy your own, public cloud, private cloud, choose what you want and we’ll help you manage it. We are experts in Debian Linux and we run everything on top of this system, one of the oldest and most highly respected Linux distributions. Find out more.


Seamless, efficient single-sign on, backed by ultra-secure multi-factor authentication, highly available and infinitely flexible. This is what we can do for you, using a range of open source software products and open standards based hardware solutions. Find out more.


Manage your code, protect yourself from unplanned change, trigger automated testing instances, integrate with ticketing, Docker, chat engines, automated code deployment and continuous integration to save time and boost quality, and much more besides. Find out more.


Manage your projects, manage your business, provide support, integrate with version control, we provide a flexible ticketing system that has stood the test of time. We also provide ownCloud, the file sharing platform, integrated with our Authentication services, for sharing data and files with customers, suppliers and colleagues securely. Find out more.


Under the hood our systems are about as secure as it gets. Advanced firewall management, intrusion detection systems, rootkit detection software and virus scanning all join together to create a robust security posture. Add in our aggressive patching policies, and your servers are pretty much as tough as they need to be. Find out more.


It’s all very well having these great systems, but what if it all goes wrong? Who’s got your back if your version control supplier disappears in a puff of smoke? We can provide anything from simply mirroring your GitHub account so you know you have a secure copy to fully managed, encrypted and quarterly-tested backups of all your organisation’s data.

Where do we come from? is a service created by Code Enigma, a Drupal specialist, UK-based web agency. An ISO 9001 Quality Management certified company, initially the suite of tools were developed to boost the quality and efficiency of Code Enigma’s development services. We’ve been developing them for over 5 years and now they’ve grown beyond that, and our devops tools are used by many of our hosting and development customers as well.