All our managed servers use the Debian operating system as a base. Each one has a Puppet manifest – carefully version and change controlled in a Gitlab repository with branch locking and peer review enforced – containing the “DNA”, including access control, installed packages, customised configurations, etc. for that specific machine, so we can control configuration change, quickly and easily audit machines and also quickly re-deploy machines to infrastructure elsewhere, should the need arise.

Servers can be platformed anywhere you like – as long as a server has a base Debian installation and we have the root credentials, we can manage it for you. (Some kind of emergency console access is also strongly advised, of course.) However, if you do not have a preferred supplier, or you do not want to manage your own hardware, we are Rackspace Gold Partners, which means we can offer you a range of solutions for your hardware, including fully dedicated, VMWare private cloud and Rackspace public cloud.