Holding and transferring knowledge, efficiently and effectively, not to mention keeping it secure, managing access, ensuring it is backed up, etc. etc. is a major challenge for any organisation. We use a range of free open source products to manage knowledge, both for ourselves and for our customers, and we can provide those products, either as part of a wider combination of stack solutions, or standalone.

The core of our business operation is an open source ticket management system called Redmine. You might think of ticketing systems as the preserve of support desks or maintenance teams, but you'd be wrong. Redmine's flexibility is incredible. You can manage access with roles, groups and projects, creating as many of each as you need. You can manage and template information by creating your own ticket types, known as “trackers”, each with their own fields, shared or otherwise, custom filter pages, workflows and roles assigned. The system is so flexible we use it ourselves as our main project management tool. We use it for managing company finances, developing code, maintaining servers, responding to incidents, even maintaining our management frameworks.

Another key tool we can offer as a hosted service is ownCloud, a PHP-based Dropbox alternative. It gives you all the features of Dropbox, and way way more. For example, you have collaborative online editing of LibreOffice Writer documents, like Google Drive. You can sync mutiple folders to different places on different ownCloud servers, so you can maintain different document repositories for different purposes, with different access rights. There are desktop clients available for all major operating systems, including Linux, but best of all – it's yours! It is a free, open source product you can host on your own server, dedicated to your business, wherever you want it to be.

ShareStack pricing starts from £240 per month*, or can be managed by our systems administrators on your own servers from £100 per month.**

* excludes set-up costs, includes 60GB of storage assuming a single medium private cloud server.

** excludes set-up costs, assumes managing one server.