Keeping track of your code is so important. We use and offer hosted GitLab servers for development companies. Why GitLab? Because it has excellent support, more features than self-hosted GitHub Enterprise, and without the hefty licensing fee! Plus we can help you with Docker instances for feature branches, ticketing system integration, and other cool tricks like that.


There are so many project management tools out there, and each new one feels a bit like the Emperor's new clothes. We prefer dependable, proven solutions. That's why we host and manage Redmine servers for our customers. Redmine is open source, your data is safely kept on your own server, it's simple, it's extremely flexible and versatile.


Need a single sign-on for your various web accounts? Want to implement 2FA across your organisation cost-effectively? Need simple, effective access management tools for your development environments? We can provide an all-in-one solution for user directories, 2FA and a range of integration options, all based on OpenLDAP.


Managing servers and environments is time consuming. All the updates, safely managing configuration changes, robust testing, out of hours patching, emergency response. If your organisation runs Linux servers already, then you know what we're talking about. We can also provide fully managed servers in a variety of forms, from public cloud to fully dedicated bare metal, or anything in between. So outsource your Server Management to us for more choice and less pain.

Developer Benefits

  • Safe, continuous deployment, and easy rollback if it goes wrong
  • Fully managed systems that won’t let you down
  • Easy releases, just push your code to Git and wait for the confirmation email
  • Personal service, we’ll build your system for you and give you continuous support
  • Ask Us Anything, want to try something new? Just let us know...

CTO Benefits

  • Save money and claw back lost time
  • Lower staff churn, happy developers spend more time coding
  • Improved quality, with automated testing and code inspection
  • More secure, with our Rackspace infrastructure and ISO 27001 certification
  • Better solutions, leave devops to the experts and get the best tools

Save money and claw back lost time

For example, if you have a team of five developers, and each one spends approximately an hour a day on servers, deploying code, and so on, then that's about 100 hours a month. And if you charge £500 a day for development, that's an actual cost to your business and customers of over £6,000 a month!

Why is this better than a platform?

Better security

We’re ISO 27001:2013 certified through the line and audited by the British Standards Institute. We’re platformed at Rackspace, who are ISO 27001 certified themselves, and we have a very robust security posture. We provide 2FA as standard for your live servers, and a range of secure services you can leverage for things like file sharing, ticketing, user management, version control and so on.

Dedicated infrastructure

We run state-of-the-art HP servers in VMware clusters at Rackspace’s brand new LON5 facility in Crawley, UK. We have dedicated switching, firewalls, VMware controllers, DDoS mitigation hardware, everything in pairs to ensure high availability. And we monitor carefully the balance and health of our clusters, ensuring smooth hypervisor load and top customer experience.


Because your systems are made for you, you can do what you like. You can control your own deployment scripts, install your own software and services, they’re your servers. But also, if you’re not confident in doing that, you can ask us to help you out. Our Ask Us Anything contracts allow you to call on our expert team to craft solutions to your specific problems, whenever you need our assistance.

Additional Services


We can run highly available Apache Solr or Elasticsearch clusters, for customers who need a robust search platform for their organisation.

virtual or hybrid

We provide a wide range of server combinations, and you can pick and choose according to your needs. We can do site-to-site IPSEC VPNs, dedicated bare metal servers, highly available storage solutions. You need it? Ask us, we can probably do it.

file sharing

One of the standard components of our agency stack is ownCloud, the free open source Dropbox equivalent. This offers a secure way to share files with colleagues and customers, while holding the data yourself. It also includes all kinds of advanced features, such as syncing of different folders on your computer to different locations, real-time collaborative editing inside LibreOffice documents, and much more besides.


We work extensively with Yubikeys, the 2FA devices provided by Yubico. These devices are cheap, easy to use and offer a great way to secure your systems, with easy integration and a load of out of the box code. We can manage Yubico OTP endpoints for you, so you can be completely autonomous and run your own 2FA system.